MCSO deputy injured when driver t-bones car during pursuit Saturday in Bloomington, Indiana

A Monroe County Sheriff’s Office deputy was injured when the driver of a vehicle being pursued t-boned a deputy’s vehicle, according to Monroe County Sheriff’s Office Captain Randy Jacobs.

Greene county contacted Monroe County central dispatch as the pursuit of a two-tone tan over black Chevy Suburban crossed into Monroe County. Monroe County deputies joined the pursuit, and as a deputy was pursuing the vehicle in the parking lot of Walmart on Indiana 45, the driver of the Chevy intentionally t-boned a sheriff’s vehicle.

Here is the text of a release sent to the Bloomingtonian Saturday:

“On 12/3/22 at approx. 1903 hours, Greene County contacted central dispatch to advise their Deputies were in a pursuit on W SR 45 EB. The vehicle was a two-tone tan over black Chevy Suburban.  Monroe County deputies joined the pursuit and attempted to get ahead of the chase with stop sticks but were unsuccessful.

The suspect vehicle turned into the Wal-Mart parking lot and continued near the Tire and Lube. It went behind the conex storage boxes then turned east towards the building. As Sgt. Brooks was driving with emergency lights and siren activated south in the driving lane, the vehicle right angle collided with Sgt. Brooks fully marked squad car resulting in damage to the right passenger side. As a result of the intentional collision, Sgt. Brooks sustained right hand and arm pain as well as back pain.
The injured deputy was treated at Monroe Hospital and released.
The suspect, Cody Reeves, was arrested and taken back to Greene County to be booked into their jail.
We will be filing charges with the Monroe Co prosecutor as well.”

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