Raccoon rescued Monday after Bloomington resident hears its cries for help

Photo courtesy of Tyler Kay

Tyler Kay of Bloomington, Indiana was talking to his mother and neighbors Monday, January 2, 2022, when he heard what he heard ­­­­what he thought was a fox yelping under a condo in Eagle Pointe.  

“I jumped down there to see what the noise was, said Kay.

He discovered a raccoon stuck in a black plastic rainwater pipe, and it had chewed a hole through the pipe to try to escape. The raccoon was sticking out of the ground, but unable to completely free itself.

Kay said he reached out to some local government organizations, but they were unable to help with the stuck animal. Kay was afraid of hurting the animal if he tried to free it with a shovel, and it was obvious to him if only rocks were holding the raccoon it would have been free.

However, Paws, Wings & Other Things, of Martinsville answered the call for assistance. A video shows a person using gloves to clear the crushed limestone around the stuck animal. Then eventually, the animal is pulled from a rainwater pipe and freed.


“Wow this year is starting out with one adventure after another…I received a message from our friends at the Pipsqueekery this morning with a picture and can you help…here is the picture…of course we jumped into action and drove to Bloomington, said the animal rescue organization in a Facebook post.

The rescue organization runs on donations. Here is a link for information on how to donate:


Photo courtesy of Tyler Kay

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