Press release: Monroe County NAACP Urges Delay of Vote on MCCSC Racial Equity Policy

The following press release was sent to the Bloomingtonian Friday:

January 13, 2023
Point of Contact: President Maqubè Reese
Monroe County NAACP
Email: [email protected]

Monroe County NAACP Urges Delay of Vote on MCCSC Racial Equity Policy

In response to students who, since last spring, have raised awareness of racial discrimination and race-based bullying in MCCSC schools, the Monroe County NAACP (MC-NAACP) has released a statement urging the MCCSC Board of School Trustees to delay a final vote on its proposed Racial Equity Policy.
The MC-NAACP applauds and supports the students who have courageously brought the attention of the community to highly disturbing instances of racial harassment in MCCSC schools. In response, the MCCSC administration announced the formation of the Student Equity Ambassador program at the August 2022 Board meeting and worked with the ambassadors to draft Racial Equity Policy 5518, which received its first reading at the December 2022 Board meeting.

The MC-NAACP is encouraged by the initial draft of Racial Equity Policy 5518 but shares the concerns of others that the policy merits strengthening in a number of areas and is not yet ready for adoption. We therefore urge the MCCSC Board to delay final vote on the policy to allow time for thoughtful review
and community input. We make this request mindful of the need to balance timely progress with the desire for a racial policy that addresses the concerns.

As NAACP Branch President Maqubè Reese notes: “This action in support of students is very appropriate as we approach Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. Dr. King taught us that our institutions must hold themselves to high standards in the struggle against racial injustice.” The MC-NAACP looks forward to a time when all students can thrive in our MCCSC schools and offers its support in helping MCCSC strengthen protections against race-based bullying. As strong advocates for public education, the MC-NAACP is willing to work with the MCCSC Board and Administration to develop policies, consequences, and accountability at every level to produce a sustainable infrastructure free from racism and discrimination.

We ask Monroe County residents to join our NAACP Branch in calling for a policy that demonstrates a firm commitment to ending all types of racial discrimination in MCCSC schools. Says Branch President Reese:

“We are motivated to work alongside all champions of equity who desire a strong and sustainable policy. We believe that such a clear and unwavering message will impact generations to come.”
MCCSC Board of School Trustees Meeting: Tuesday, January 24, 6:30 p.m.
Administration Center Board Room, 315 E. North Dr., Bloomington.
See Board webpage, Meetings tab, to confirm location and view agenda, posted on January 19th

Cards for public comment must be turned in prior to the start of the meeting.
Email comments to the Trustees: [email protected]
See this Monroe County NAACP webpage for further information and updates.

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