Local artists will begin a “Last Friday” art opening event next Friday, January 27, 2023, during the first monthly Hyatt Art Walk

A group of Bloomington artists is kicking off the first monthly Hyatt Art walk on January 27, 2023, according to Misty Joy, a local artist, who is organizing the monthly event.

The participating artists’ work will be displayed at 217 West Kirkwood Avenue from 5-8 p.m., which is the last Friday of the month. New artists will display work at the Hyatt on the last Friday of the month going forward.

Bloomington already has a first Friday art event every month, so this new event will be in addition to that event, but on the last Friday of every month, according to information sent to the Bloomingtonian.

Here is a list of artist bios participating in the first event:

Winnie King – I’m a long-time Bloomington local, and an aspiring comic book artist! I graduated from Ivy Tech with an associate in fine art just last year, but plan on pursuing further art education in the near future. Much of my past artwork has involved local B-town communities, such as posters for the roller derby team, T-shirt designs for Bloomington Krampus Night, and even a children’s book- dedicated to Bloomington’s favorite blue-bicycle-riding parrot; Charlie Bird! I find much of my inspiration in animation and graphic novels, but am also heavily influenced by fashion, global cultures, and-oddly enough- the visual styles and colors of sweet treats! I have always been inspired by artists like Jim Davis, Stan Lee and Rebecca Sugar, but more than anyone else, I try to find inspiration to improve from all the other incredible artists I meet! Nothing makes me happier than swapping skills with fellow creatives and improving right alongside them. Want a commission? Take a business card and shoot me a request!

Wendy Kheiry – Is an abstract artist who includes fantastic and natural elements in some of her pieces. Using acrylic paint on canvases with occasional texturing in some of them, her work ranges from bright colors to more subdued palettes with plenty of movement. Wendy’s use of light elements is designed to uplift and encourage.

Theodore Jen Clarke Robertson – Owner of Robertson Harpsichords in Ellettsville, Indiana www.robertsonharpsichords.com I am for the most part a self-taught Harpsichord Maker and Artist. As an undergraduate and graduate, I studied both Biology and Harpsichord at Indiana University. I have created over 60 unique instruments owned by musicians, collectors as well as churches, and universities around the world. I have about 2 years of commissions currently. I live with my wife of 26 years and our two adult children and help maintain the Harpsichords at the Jacobs school of music and travel to other cities regularly as a harpsichord technician There are many pictures of my Art on my website. www.robertsonharpsichords.com

Kelly Wow – Has always been crafty and adventurous. She found glass in 2015. Her art is inspired by the glass itself, collaboration, and the process of working with the material in different ways, including happy accidents… her love of big, furry creatures, her deep respect for nature, magic, old traditions, and a healthy dose of fun. Put a little more in your nice bucket. Support local businesses and hand-made art! Kelly lives in Bloomington, IN, and usually has a cat around. KellyWow.com facebook.com/kellywowglass IG @Kellywowglass

Misty Joy – Is an eclectic artist residing in Bloomington. She works in a mixed media combination of collage, painting, illustration, embroidery, and digital art. She is the organizer of the Hyatt Art Walk. She is also a member of the Bloomington Writers Guild and frequently reads poetry and short stories at local events around town.

Joseph Benefiel – I was born and raised in southern Indiana. I moved to Bloomington in 2019 and started this collection called, “Liminal Time Only”. After quarantine, I was inspired by the sense of uncertainty which drove me to take a lot of walks around the city. On these walls, I found joy in the small moments that I felt only I could see. Using acrylic paint and found items, this is my attempt in sharing these moments with my community.

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