Deteriorated Monroe County Jail conditions documented, and discussed during Community Justice Response Committee meeting Monday night

Still image from CATS video

Editor’s note: The video link for the meeting is no longer working. So, The Bloomingtonian reached out to CATS, and were told the faces of some inmates were in the video, so it’s being “scrubbed,” and then will be reposted online.

Link to CATS video of Monday’s Community Justice Response Committee.

In the video, the deteriorated conditions of the Monroe County Jail are shown in photos, and discussed. Photos show inmates sleeping on concrete floors, racist graffiti on the walls, and a pitcher with discolored drinking water. But, several times, jail employees say the photos can’t convey the smell, or the sound inside the jail.

Sometimes water from the jail drips into courtrooms below. In one photo, a green substance coming from a vent is unidentified. In one case there is sometimes standing water near a high voltage electric panel.

Monroe County jail commander Kyle Gibbons says at one point, It looks like this is not even the United States of America.

Towards the end of the presentation, Monroe County Sheriff Ruben Marte says the conditions of the jail are not acceptable, that nobody should live like that, and he wants to clean the jail up, and he needs support to do so.

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