Police union asks Bloomington City Council to ensure police officers, public and council concerns are addressed in planning for Showers public safety facility

The Don Owens Memorial Lodge 88 Fraternal Order of Police, Inc., has requested the Bloomington City Council ensure the concerns of the council are addressed as a new police facility is built at Showers, where the city recently purchased real estate.

The police union was against having the facility built at Showers, but since the decision has been made to purchase the land to build it there anyway, the union is trying to make sure any concerns are addressed.

The council in late January voted 5-4 to move the police station and fire department headquarters to showers. Voting against the purchase were Dave Rollo, Susan Sandberg, Ron Smith, and Sue Sgambelluri.

Matt Flaherty, Kate Rosenberger, Isabel Piedmonth Smith, Jim Sims, and Steve Volan voted to purchase the property in an 8.75 million-dollar deal. 29.5-million will be raised from the proceeds of a bond to pay for the land, and construction that’s part of a project to relocate to Showers.

A press release was sent to the local media Wednesday evening:

FOP Lodge 88, representing the Members of the collective bargaining unit at the
Bloomington Police Department has been outspoken in our position against the
City of Bloomington purchasing the Showers West building for use as a new police
station for BPD.

The Bloomington City Council recently voted to make this purchase despite the
concerns of the Union and our member officers, several Council Members, and the
public. We are thankful for the robust debate that preceded this vote and to the
Council Members who spoke in defense of our concerns. We look forward to
working with the Council in the future on issues close to our member’s needs.

Moving forward, the FOP hopes that the Council remains engaged in the process
as BPD leadership works to make the best facility they can within the constraints,
both logistical and financial, at the Showers West building. As the working design
group is chosen, we hope that the Union will continue to have a role to represent
the working needs of the officers. In addition, we would encourage the City
Council to appoint a member observer from the Council, to ensure that the
Council’s own concerns are addressed and reported on in a timely manner to their

For more information, please contact FOP Lodge 88 President Paul Post at
[email protected] or 812-287-2016.

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