Hotels for the Homeless needs to raise 1100-dollars by Sunday morning to keep several families housed

Katie Norris of Hotels for the Homeless is raising 1100-dollars by 11 a.m., February 12, 2023 to keep four families sheltered until housing opens in the Bloomington area. Norris said if her organization doesn’t raise the money by then, the families will have to leave the hotels where they are currently housed, which will cause the families to either return to domestic violence situations or turn their children over to DCS.

Donors can contribute at the following link:

Checks can be made out to Hotels for Homeless and mailed, or given directory to Norris:

1840 South Walnut Street

Suite 105, Bloomington, Indiana 47403

Paypal @H4HBtown

Venmo @H4HBtown

Cash App $H4HBtown

Norris said her organization is lining up housing for the families, but housing is tight for those experiencing homelessness in the Bloomington metro area. Norris said New Hope for Families, Wellsprings, and Becky’s place, which take children, are already full, and the families are on the wait list. Placing the families into hotels is a temporary solution, until the families can be housed. In the state of Indiana families without housing have their children taken away. By law, children can’t sleep in tents, cars, or outside.

The Indianapolis metro area had the highest rent increase nationwide last year at 30-percent:

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