Press release: Three new Art Exhibits Opening at the Waldron Arts Center this Friday


Bloomington, IN – As winter turns to spring, there will be new shows featured at the Waldron Arts Center in March and April. The Rosemary P. Miller Gallery will hold a multi-disciplinary group show which ruminates on the impact of climate change, while the Educational Gallery features work by Artists for Climate Awareness in conversation with those themes. The Spotlight Gallery will exhibit work by local painter Susan Savastuck.

Group show at the Rosemary P. Miller Gallery: CLIMATE SHOCK!

Waldron Arts Center announces a new exhibition titled CLIMATE SHOCK! in Rosemary P. Miller Gallery on the main level that will run from March 3rd – April 7th. This show will consist of the latest artworks by three Bloomington artists Dena Hawes, Kriste Lindberg, and David J Emerson Young. This group of artists each will take a different approach to address the risk of climate change and global warming. Artists draw attention to major transformations in nature caused by human destruction of the environment in various aspects such as geological, biological, and ecological. The audience will experience several art practices such as three-dimensional jewelry, informative photography, and 2D painting/drawing.

CLIMATE SHOCK! is an exhibition that examines major transformations in the environment caused by climate change and global warming. Some of these transformations are visible and experiential, such as flooding/storm water damage, wildfires, and extreme storm destruction, while others are symptoms – a sign of the existence of something, such as melting glaciers as a sign of significant increases in air and sea water temperatures.

The artwork in this group exhibition will be drawn upon in terms of an affective and visual manifestation of the climate change/global warming crisis, and its effect on our deepest loves, our deepest yearnings, our love of beauty, but also our deepest fears of loss, endangerment and extinction.

Group Show in the Educational Gallery: ELEMENTS – An Exhibition by Artists for Climate Awareness

 In conjunction with CLIMATE SHOCK!work by local members of Artists for Climate Awareness will be exhibited in the Educational Gallery on the lower level of the Waldron from March 3rd – April 7th. Artists for Climate Awareness ( is a nonprofit organization that facilitates workshops that combine art education with environmental and climate education. Local artists include co-founder Carol Rhodes, Meri Rheinhold, Bess Lee and Joe Lee. The full list of artists has not yet been finalized.

Spotlight Gallery: STONE SOUP – From nature to politics

Local painter Susan Savastuk examines the tradition of stone soup in this new solo show, STONE SOUP, on exhibit March 3rd – April 28th. Throughout history and across cultures, stories of stone soup continue to exist and evolve. Some travelers come to a village, carrying nothing more than an empty cooking pot and a rock, they convince the towns people to help them make a delicious pot of soup. Through many small individual contributions, the townsfolk and travelers help to create a delicious meal to share. “I believe that creativity lives in each of us, at many levels and many different forms. I am grateful to all who have shared a photo, a place, an idea or a challenge that has inspired me,” says Savastuk.

Constellation’s Gallery Manager Huner Emin says, “It is such an important exhibition! At a time that human race is actively contributing to destroying our ecosystem, it is critical to showcase artworks that address climate change. Artists in this show are sincere in their fear of future and worked hard to organize this show.”

Opening for these exhibits is March 3rd, which coincides with Gallery Walk. Refreshments, including wine and beer, will be available in the Lounge during Gallery Walk. Gallery hours have recently been extended at the Waldron Arts Center. All galleries are now open to the public Wednesday through Saturday (schedule below) and during all Constellation performances at the Waldron. 

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