Gunshots fired Monday night in Bloomington, Indiana

Several spent shell casings were found after police received reports of gunfire from the area of the 1400 block of West RCA Park Drive, Monday night in Bloomington, Indiana, according to BPD Captain Ryan Pedigo.

The first officer to arrive in the area heard more gunshots just after 8 p.m. and believed they were coming from the 2000 block of South Bernard Drive, according to Pedigo.

“Officers did locate a small party at a residence and eventually located 10 spent 9mm shell casings in the side yard of the residence, but nobody claimed to have any knowledge of shots fired and claimed to have not heard anything,” said Pedigo in a release.

There was no damage, and no one was injured, but officers received no cooperation from the partyers at the residence and were unable to locate any witnesses who could provide information on who fired the gunshots.

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