City of New Albany, Indiana investigates “yellow plume of smoke” Tuesday

“We are receiving reports that a yellow plume of smoke is being released into the air within the New Albany Industrial Park. Fire, Police, and EMS services are on the scene now. An investigation is underway to determine what the substance is. Please avoid this area while public safety teams investigate.”- City of New Albany, Indiana.

The City of New Albany, Indiana released a photo on its Facebook page saying they are investigating the cause of a “yellow plume of smoke,” Tuesday.


After receiving reports from the New Albany Police Department and New Albany Fire Department about the yellow plume of smoke coming from the Industrial Park, Mayor Gahan immediately reached out to officials from Blue Grass Chemical Specialties, where the substance was coming from.

“I spoke with Blue Grass Chemical Specialties’ chemical engineer, and he informed me that the smoke was a form of Nitrogen Oxide that is not harmful at these quantities,” stated Mayor Gahan. “There was no explosion or fire at the plant. The smoke was due to a reaction inside the plant, and the reaction has stopped. Emergency Management crews, after utilizing gas monitors on site, have now given the all clear for the area. The yellow smoke has dissipated from the area and affected roadways are open.”

The company told the City of New Albany that they would be doing a root-cause analysis to determine how this happened and ensure it does not happen again. The company is set to speak to the media shortly.

“We will continue working with the Indiana Department of Environmental Management, Emergency Management Agencies, and others to ensure the safety of the residents and businesses of New Albany,” stated Mayor Jeff Gahan.

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