Press Release: Rewind Records Grand Opening (Bloomington, IN), Jyra Single & Record Release

The following press release was sent to the Bloomingtonian this week:

For immediate release. 

On May 27th, Rewind Records will be hosting a Grand Opening event at their new space (Suite 105, next to The Briar and the Burley) in the Fountain Square Mall, Downtown Bloomington to celebrate their new location and the release of Jyra’s new record, “Castle in the Air.” 

    A Bloomington native carrying on the town’s tradition of brilliant songwriters, Jyra’s 4th studio album features “Sweet Carolina (Love Me Too)” mixed in London by Chris Brown (Radiohead’s The Bends and OK Computer, The Beatles: Anthology 1) and “Good Company” (#1 on Indy chart from Castle in the Air will be available on vinyl and CD in all record stores in Bloomington on May 27th, including Rewind Records, Landlocked, TDs, and Tracks.

   Rewind Record’s owner since 2010, Wayne Chandler, says this of the event: “We are so excited to launch our new retail shop in the Fountain Square Mall on the same day as our first vinyl album release. Jyra has been my absolute favorite local artist for many years, and this new record is just amazing. We’ll be live screen printing tees with an exclusive new design, free for everyone that buys a copy of Castle in the Air on Vinyl or CD, and listening to the record all day on Saturday May 27th from noon to 7PM.”

    The Label’s Head of A&R, Ashley Chandler, who scouts for local talent and helps bands to up their merch game had this to say: “I’ve had such a great time working with all these great bands, like Connor McLaren, The Matriarch and Too Many Cooks, over the last year. There is so much talent in this town. I love Jyra’s new record and can’t wait to get my hands on the vinyl!”Jyra is an experimental singer-songwriter and BMI Community song of the month winner, known for his unique blend of traditional and experimental musical elements. Jyra’s music has been featured in independent films and on radio stations. New York Times Best Selling Author Michael Koryta praised Jyra’s work, stating, “Every track was quality work and held to the themes of the story… You’ve got a real gift for transferring emotion to music, and vice versa.”

His highly anticipated fifth album, “Castle in the Air,” is set to release on May 27th, featuring 15 tracks that showcase his distinctive style and songwriting. The album is printed on vinyl and features a string quartet. It draws inspiration from 1960s rock music and Bach. Jyra collaborated with Chris Brown, a former Senior Engineer at Abbey Road Studios who has worked with Muse, Radiohead, and on The Beatles Anthologies, to mix some of the tracks on this album. In addition to Brown, Jyra worked with numerous other talented artists from around the world to shape the sound of “Castle in the Air.” Available on May 27th.

Jyra charting in Indy on reverbnation:

Sweet Carolina (Love Me Too) was mixed by Chris Brown in London, who mixed Radiohead’s The Bends and OK Computer, The Beatles Anthology 1. :

New Single “Sweet Carolina (Love Me Too)” by Jyra Receives Rave Reviews and an Impressive 7.7 Average Rating placing it in the 99th percentile of songs tested.

[City, Date] – Jyra, a talented up-and-coming artist, is receiving widespread acclaim for their latest single “Sweet Carolina (Love Me Too).” The song has garnered an impressive 7.7 average rating from listeners, with many praising its unique sound, emotional depth, and outstanding vocals.

“Sweet Carolina (Love Me Too)” features a string quartet that adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to the track. The single was expertly mixed by Chris Brown, a seasoned professional with ten years of experience as a lead engineer at the prestigious Abbey Road Studios.

Listeners have drawn comparisons between Jyra’s work and renowned artists like Elton John, The Beatles, and Nirvana. Fans have praised the song for its imaginative lyrics and powerful message, as well as its high-quality production and soothing melody.

“Sweet Carolina (Love Me Too)” is a standout track on Jyra’s album “Castle in the Air,” which is available on vinyl records for a truly nostalgic listening experience. The album features a variety of musical styles, showcasing Jyra’s versatility and ability to captivate audiences across genres.

Jyra spent two years researching music history while creating “Castle in the Air.” Their research led them to study bands’ influences and follow them back until they arrived at The Beatles and their being inspired by Bach’s music.

Don’t miss out on the chance to experience “Sweet Carolina (Love Me Too)” for yourself. You can listen to the single and the entire “Castle in the Air” album on popular streaming platforms. Follow Jyra on social media to stay updated on their latest releases and performances.

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