IU Health responds to banner drop Friday

The Bloomingtonian reached out to IU Health for comment after activists dropped a banner outside the hospital on Bloomington’s east side. Here is what IU Health said via a spokesperson in response:

“IU Health very much cares for and values all team members. We invest in our team in a variety of ways including providing an annual wage increase. In addition, we provide a portfolio of other compensation and benefits and celebrate our team with a number of recognition programs and events.”

Here is the press original release sent anonymously to the Bloomingtonian Friday morning:

“On the morning of Friday, May 12th, the final day of National Nurses
Week, a large banner at the entrance of IU Health Bloomington Hospital


This banner was displayed in response to IU Health’s announcement
employees will receive a 1% “general” raise in wages, not accounting for
employee performance or recent spikes in inflation.  (The 1% raise goes
into effect today, May 12th)

The facts:

– The expected cost of living adjustment for 2023 is 8.7%, over 8 times
the amount of IU Health’s wage increase.

– The CEO of IU Health Dennis Murphy made over $3.2 million in 2020.

– In order to keep its “non-profit” status, IU Health gave $416 million
in profits to the IU School of Medicine in December 2022. (See link
below for further context)

– IU Health also just announced a 7% rise in cafeteria prices to offset

As healthcare workers, we know our worth. We refuse to stand idly by
while IU Health tries to placate us with measly 1% raises while they
dole out bonuses to their top executives. We are overworked and
underpaid, with inflation eating into our paychecks more and more each
day. With price hikes all around us, including at our own cafeteria,
this measly raise is nothing short of a paycut. We hope this message
reaches our co-workers and inspires them to demand more. We all deserve

– IU Health Workers for Fair Wages

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