Catalent to cut another 150 positions, and reorganize, in Bloomington, Indiana

Catalent announced in an e-mail Wednesday that 150 employees will be cut from Bloomington operations.

“As is now well known, Catalent added people and resources at an extraordinary rate during the pandemic to ensure we could meet our customer commitments,” said General Manager, Bloomington, Anibal Carlo.

Carlo then said pivoting the Bloomington site to non-COVID programs was complicated, and that the company created infrastructure – people and processes – that were too costly to maintain.

He said the company began to look for ways to cut expenses, and among the ideas, was the reduction of the “Bloomington team,” by about 150. Carlo noted that many of the positions being cut were within leadership and support functions.

Human resources workers were set to begin notifying other employees who will be cut, and is expected to finish the process by June 2nd, according to an e-mail.

The entire Catalent facility will also have a new organizational structure effective June 11, 2023.

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