Monroe Fire Protection District Joins Homeland Defender 2023 Training at Muscatatuck Urban Training Center

Photo courtesy of MFD

Staff report

SEYMOUR, Ind. – June 14, 2023  

The third day of Homeland Defender 2023 training concluded for the personnel of the Monroe Fire Protection District (MFD).

MFD firefighters honed their rescue techniques on a simulated rubble pile, reminiscent of the aftermath of an earthquake.

The exercise called for rescuers to navigate through concrete and metal, delving into tunnels in search of possible victims. The goal was to extract victims safely and efficiently from the precarious environment.

MFD personnel were not alone in this demanding endeavor. Working in close collaboration, they were joined by two other groups: Indiana Task Force 1 and the Indiana and Kentucky National Guards.

On day two of the training, according to MFD’s post on Facebook, “crews conducted wide area land searches for lost victims and practiced structure shoring, rope rescue, breaching and cutting of structures.

And on day one, “MFD members along with US military units and foreign country search and rescue units conducted large hazmat scenarios and water rescues in a flooded community today.”

Photo courtesy of MFD

Photo courtesy of MFD

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