President Biden Commends Labor Agreement at West Coast Ports

Staff report (written from press release)

WASHINGTON — June 14, 2023

President Joe Biden expressed his congratulations to both parties involved in the labor agreement reached at the West Coast ports, emphasizing the effectiveness of collective bargaining. In a statement released today, President Biden commended the successful resolution of the negotiation, which had been marked by a lengthy and at times contentious process.

“As I have always said, collective bargaining works, and I congratulate both parties at the ports for reaching an agreement,” President Biden stated. He further extended his appreciation to Acting Labor Secretary Julie Su for her instrumental role in facilitating productive discussions between the parties. President Biden highlighted Su’s extensive experience and judgment, which played a vital part in bridging the gaps and ultimately achieving a resolution.

Acknowledging the exceptional dedication and resilience demonstrated by the port workers throughout the pandemic and its manifold challenges, President Biden emphasized that they would now receive the compensation, benefits, and quality of life they rightfully deserve.

“I congratulate the port workers, who have served heroically through the pandemic and the countless challenges it brought, and will finally get the pay, benefits, and quality of life they deserve,” President Biden noted.

In addition, President Biden praised Julie Su for her consistent outstanding performance, both in her role as Deputy Secretary, working closely with Secretary Marty Walsh, and as a leader who has played a pivotal part in ensuring the strength of the nation’s supply chains. He underscored Su’s significant contributions to safeguarding the interests of American businesses, farmers, and working families.

Julie Su has proven herself time and time again, both as Deputy Secretary working closely with Secretary Marty Walsh—and now as a leader who helped assure that our supply chains remain strong for America’s businesses, farmers, and working families.

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