Teamster Subcommittees Continue to Make Progress, Addressing Non-Economic Matters

Staff report – (written from a Teamsters Press Release)

RICHMOND, Virginia — June 14, 2023

Teamsters subcommittees have been hard at work, making substantial headway by resolving non-economic issues in the ongoing negotiations with UPS. These efforts have resulted in an impressive total of 43 tentative agreements and language modifications within the UPS Teamsters National Master Agreement.

Teamsters General President Sean M. O’Brien expressed his satisfaction with the progress, stating, “This is an extraordinary number of tentative agreements reached and language changed at this stage of negotiations.” He further highlighted the absence of any concessions made by the union, emphasizing the unity and strength of the union’s national committee during the negotiation process. O’Brien assured UPS Teamsters across the country that they can anticipate continued gains as negotiations proceed.

On Wednesday, five distinct Teamsters subcommittees convened, dedicating their efforts to address various matters. Among the topics discussed were safety and health concerns, 9.5 work rule rights, premium service protections for UPS feeder drivers, and a range of other issues. The subcommittees are expected to continue their work throughout Thursday in Virginia, while the Teamsters National Negotiating Committee prepares proposal language that focuses on unresolved non-economic matters.

Looking ahead, the Teamsters anticipate exchanging their comprehensive economic proposal, aimed at enhancing wages, holidays, and health and welfare benefits, with UPS negotiators in the upcoming two weeks. The union has consistently conveyed to company executives that any lingering non-economic issues under subcommittee consideration must be resolved before the economic package can be addressed.

National bargaining is scheduled to proceed on June 15-16, signifying the continuation of discussions between the Teamsters and UPS as they strive to reach a mutually beneficial agreement.

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