Artists, and Other Animals: New Work of Joe Lee

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BLOOMINGTON, IN – June 15, 2023

Acclaimed artist Joe Lee will be showcasing his latest exhibition, titled “Artists, and Other Animals,” at the By Hand Gallery from June 2, 2023, to July 1, 2023. The exhibition will be recurring weekly from Monday to Saturday, inviting art enthusiasts to experience Lee’s unique storytelling through his artwork.

Located at 101 W Kirkwood Ave., Suite 109, Bloomington, IN 47405, the By Hand Gallery will open its doors from 10:00 AM to 5:30 PM, allowing visitors to immerse themselves in Lee’s captivating narratives. Admission to the exhibition is free, offering an accessible opportunity for the public to appreciate and engage with the artist’s work.

Lee’s artistry centers around the power of storytelling and its significance in human communication. Through his creations, he aims to convey messages to the world and foster a deeper understanding between individuals. “I love a good story, actually, I love some bad ones, too,” shares Lee. “Stories are the way we human animals explain ourselves to the world and to each other. I create art to talk to the world; to tell a story.”

Drawing inspiration from both familiar and lesser-known works of art, Lee explores the presence of animals in our collective narratives. Animals, with their wings, fur, shells, and scales, have long served as subjects in fables, myths, and symbolic representations. In “Artists, and Other Animals,” Lee skillfully weaves their stories, often utilizing renowned works of art as vehicles to propel the plot. At times, he allows the mask and mirror to slip, revealing the true representations behind the artistic façade. Other times, he embraces ambiguity, letting it become an integral part of the story itself.

The exhibition promises a thought-provoking journey through Lee’s creative interpretations of animal stories. Lee’s pieces evoke emotions and invite introspection, encouraging visitors to reflect upon their own connections with the animal kingdom.

For art enthusiasts and curious individuals alike, “Artists, and Other Animals” offers an opportunity to immerse oneself in Joe Lee’s imaginative world. Mark your calendars and make your way to the By Hand Gallery to witness this exhibition.

For more information, please visit the By Hand Gallery’s website or contact the gallery directly at (812) 334-3255.

About the artist: Joe Lee has long been recognized as an important illustrator, satirist, and writer of cultural commentary. While he continues to produce work in these professional roles, he has also created a body of uniquely personal artwork that is to stand alone, outside of the realm of mass media. The work includes tongue-in-cheek homages of iconic paintings of historical artists such as Fragonard, Magritte, Hokusai, Holbein, and Sargent with animals that stand in for depiction of the human condition.

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