Federal Court Blocks Indiana Law Restricting Transgender Health Care

Staff report

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – June 16, 2023

A federal court issued a preliminary injunction today, halting the implementation of an Indiana law that aimed to prohibit healthcare professionals from providing or even referring transgender youth for essential medical treatment. The law, which was to take effect on July 1, 2023, has been met with strong opposition from advocacy groups and medical providers.

The lawsuit challenging the legislation was filed by the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) and the ACLU of Indiana on behalf of four transgender young individuals, their families, and Mosaic Health, a medical provider. The plaintiffs argued that the law infringed upon their constitutional rights and jeopardized the health and well-being of transgender youth.

Ken Falk, the legal director of the ACLU of Indiana, hailed the court’s decision as a triumph for the transgender community. “Today’s victory is a testament to the trans youth of Indiana, their families, and their allies, who never gave up the fight to protect access to gender-affirming care and who will continue to defend the right of all trans people to be their authentic selves, free from discrimination,” Falk declared. He further emphasized that efforts to overturn the “unconstitutional law” would persist until a final resolution is reached.

Chase Strangio, the deputy director for transgender justice with the ACLU’s LGBTQ & HIV Project, warned legislators about the consequences of targeting transgender individuals through such legislation. “We warned lawmakers that if they passed laws attacking trans people that they would see us in court,” Strangio stated. The victory, according to Strangio, is not only for the families involved in the case but also for other transgender youth in Indiana who have voiced their concerns regarding the harmful effects of the law. Strangio affirmed that the fight for transgender rights in Indiana and across the nation continues.

The preliminary injunction grants temporary relief, blocking the implementation of the law until a further decision is made in the ongoing legal proceedings. This development signifies a setback for proponents of the legislation while offering a glimmer of hope for those advocating for transgender rights and the provision of appropriate medical care.

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