Indiana DNR Announces: Aerial Treatments Completed for Spongy Moth

Staff report

Indianapolis, IN – June 21, 2023

The Indiana Department of Natural Resources’ (DNR) divisions of Forestry and Entomology & Plant Pathology announced the completion of all aerial treatments aimed at curbing the spread of the spongy moth, previously known as the gypsy moth. The treatments concluded yesterday, in the ongoing efforts to combat one of North America’s most destructive invasive forest pests.

Spongy moth infestations have ravaged vast stretches of woodland across the eastern United States, causing extensive defoliation across thousands of acres. To address the situation, the Indiana DNR conducted treatments in several counties, including Fulton, Kosciusko, LaPorte, and Marshall.

The applied approach involved employing a mating-disruption process utilizing SPLAT GM-O, an organic product formulated with food-grade materials. This specially designed treatment poses no harm to humans, animals, plants, or any insects except the spongy moth itself. The product consists of droplets containing pheromones that disrupt the mating cycle of the invasive insect.

The Indiana DNR plans to revisit the affected regions in northern Indiana next spring and summer, and if necessary, extend their efforts to central or southern parts of the state. The continuation of these measures are part of the DNR’s efforts to slow down the spread of this destructive insect.

The Indiana DNR encourages residents to stay updated on future treatments. Interested individuals can access information on treatment locations and view comprehensive maps by visiting This resource provides valuable insights into the ongoing efforts and serves as a platform to obtain further details about the spongy moth and its impact on Indiana’s forests.

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