Monroe County Sheriff’s Office Investigates After Bullet Found in Residence After Report of Fireworks

Bloomington, Ind. – June 24, 2023

The Monroe County Sheriff’s Office conducted an investigation after a bullet was discovered in a residence following a report of fireworks on Sunday, June 18, 2023. The incident occurred at approximately 10:46 PM near the 7300 block of S Old State Road 37.

Deputies from the Sheriff’s Office’s 3rd shift initially responded to the residence in question after receiving a call regarding fireworks. However, during the course of their investigation, the residents made an unexpected discovery. They found a hole in their living room wall, approximately the size of a fifty-cent piece, according to the MCSO.

Further examination of the living room floor revealed a bronze-colored fragment, which appeared to be a fragment of a bullet. The Monroe County Sheriff’s Office initiated an inquiry to determine the origin of the bullet and ascertain the circumstances surrounding the incident.

Despite their efforts, the Sheriff’s Office has been unable to identify the source of the bullet at this time. Authorities currently have no additional leads to pursue.

The MSCO urges anyone with relevant information to come forward and assist with the investigation.

The phone number for the MCSO is: 812-349-2780

Editor’s note: It should be common sense, but if you’re going to shoot a gun, it is imperative to know where your bullet will terminate. This is a crucial rule of firearm safety.  Understanding the potential trajectory and impact point of a bullet ensures that innocent lives and property are not put at risk. Reckless discharge of firearms without considering the destination of a bullet can have disastrous consequences, making it essential for gun owners to always exercise responsible and informed firearm usage. It is also a crime to shoot someone’s residence.

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