Severe Storm Causes Widespread Power Outages in Indiana; Over 10,000 still without power in Monroe County

Staff report

Indianapolis, IN – June 30, 2023

Duke Energy’s Indiana electric system has suffered significant damage in the wake of a severe storm that swept through the state on Thursday, according to a Duke spokesperson.

The storm, accompanied by winds reaching speeds of up to 90 miles per hour, caused widespread power outages, impacting Duke Energy’s Indiana customers. As of 7 a.m. this morning, the company has restored power to more than 108,000 customers, but approximately 94,200 customers are still without electricity. In Monroe County alone, the number of customers without power has decreased from 25,000 to around 13,000, according to Duke.

According to Duke Energy, crews are currently working to make repairs while conducting damage assessments to determine the full extent of the damage caused by the storm. Preliminary assessments have revealed numerous broken poles, trees entangled in power lines, and stretches of downed wires. The company’s electric transmission system, which includes power lines and structures that serve as the primary conduits for electricity, suffered substantial damage.

To expedite the power restoration process, Duke Energy is mobilizing additional personnel from sister companies, including more than 1,000 line workers, damage assessors, and vegetation crews. These reinforcements will supplement the existing statewide workforce, drawing support from Duke Energy operations in Ohio, Kentucky, and the Carolinas. The company’s regular contractors, who have previously assisted during major storms, will also be involved.

While power restoration time estimates are currently unavailable due to ongoing damage assessment, extended outages are anticipated, particularly in the areas most severely affected. Duke Energy is closely monitoring the weather, as further potential storms could impede the restoration efforts.

During the restoration process, Duke Energy’s priority is to repair major power lines and critical infrastructure to swiftly restore power to the largest number of customers in a safe and efficient manner. Subsequently, crews will address repairs affecting individual neighborhoods and homes. The company is dedicated to restoring power as quickly and safely as possible, while keeping customers informed throughout the process.

Duke Energy urges the public to exercise caution and adhere to important safety measures. Individuals are advised to stay away from fallen or sagging power lines and consider all lines energized. They should also avoid contact with trees, limbs, or anything in proximity to the power lines.

In the event that a power line falls across a vehicle, occupants should remain inside the vehicle unless faced with an immediate life-threatening situation. If it becomes necessary to exit the vehicle, individuals should jump clear of it, making sure no part of their body touches the vehicle when their feet touch the ground.

To prevent power surges when electricity is restored, customers are encouraged to turn off appliances and other electrical devices that were on during the power outage. For reporting power outages, customers in Indiana can call 1.800.343.3525. Additionally, customers can receive outage updates by texting “REG” to 57801 or signing up online at

Duke Energy emphasizes the importance of following the manufacturer’s guidelines and instructions. Users should not exceed the generator’s output rating by operating more appliances and equipment than recommended. To avoid carbon monoxide poisoning, generators should never be used indoors or in attached garages. They should only be operated outdoors in well-ventilated and dry areas, away from the home’s air intakes.

Further storm tips and up-to-date outage information can be found on the Duke Energy website at under the “Outage and Storm Information” section.

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