City of Bloomington and By Hand Gallery Present the “2023 Threads of Meaning” Textile Exhibition in Fountain Square Mall Bloomington

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Bloomington, Ind. — July 17, 2023

The City of Bloomington, in collaboration with By Hand Gallery, is showcasing the “Threads of Meaning” textile exhibition, featuring the works of Bloomington-based textile artists. The display is currently open to the public at Fountain Square Mall Bloomington, and art enthusiasts can view the exhibition until September 17, 2023.

Among the artists contributing to the exhibition are Beatrice Atencah, Ary Bird, David Joseff Sloma, Patricia Coleman, Alizah Sage, Nina Montenegro, Emily Chase, Ileana Haberman, and Alexis Zabor. Each artist brings a unique perspective to the textile art genre, adding a diverse and creative flair to the display.

David Joseff Sloma, By Hand Gallery Manager and one of the exhibiting textile artists, expressed his appreciation for being part of the event, stating, “I am so honored to be part of a wonderful selection of fiber artists from Bloomington, Indiana in a unique historic building.”

The textile artworks are exhibited at two locations within Fountain Square Mall Bloomington. Visitors can explore the Gallery Wall in the main atrium of Fountain Square, along with the Lower-Level Walls and Upper-Level Walls of the Fountain Gallery.

The partnership that gave rise to the galleries at Fountain Square Bloomington is a result of a public-private collaboration between CFC Properties, Cook Group’s real estate development, and property management company that oversees Fountain Square, and the City of Bloomington. This joint effort aims to provide local and national artists with additional exhibit spaces to showcase their talents in the heart of downtown Bloomington.

More information about the galleries and the ongoing exhibition can be found at

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