George Floyd’s Uncle Calls DOJ Findings in Minneapolis ‘Not Surprising’; Continues Push for Police Reform and Medical Civil Rights Bill”

FILE PHOTO: June 5, 2020 – Bloomington, Indiana USA: A protester holds a sign while listening to participating in the Enough! march and protest in solidarity with Minneapolis to mourn the killing of George Floyd by police, Friday, June 5, 2020 in Bloomington, Ind. Several thousand attended a rally in Dunn Meadow at Indiana University, before marching to the country courthouse where more more speakers spoke. (Jeremy Hogan/The Bloomingtonian)

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Minneapolis, Minn. – July 25, 2023

George Floyd’s Uncle, Selwyn Jones, expressed his lack of surprise regarding the recent Department of Justice (DOJ) findings in Minneapolis, which revealed a pattern of rights violations by the city’s law enforcement during a two-year investigation.

Last month, the DOJ released its report, stating that the Minneapolis Police Department (MPD) had routinely engaged in the excessive use of force when it was not necessary, had discharged firearms without any apparent threat, violated citizens’ Fourth Amendment rights, and failed to provide medical aid to those in custody.

George Floyd’s death at the hands of the Minneapolis police in 2020 sparked nationwide protests and calls for justice and change. In response to the incident, Selwyn Jones co-founded the Hope929 Foundation, a charity aimed at promoting civil rights and effecting positive change in honor of his late nephew.

For the past three years, Selwyn has been advocating for police reform and working with families who have lost loved ones to police violence. One of his primary objectives is to garner support for the passage of the Medical Civil Rights Bill, which would ensure that individuals receive necessary medical care during any police interaction when they communicate the need for aid. This bill, if implemented, could have potentially saved the lives of individuals like Tyre Nichols, George Floyd, and Eric Garner.

Editor’s Note: This is a national story, but it should be mentioned, crime suspects in Bloomington and Monroe County are already taken to IU Health Bloomington to be checked out if they are injured during police interactions or otherwise needing medical care.

Recently, the Medical Civil Rights Bill was approved by government officials in Connecticut, marking a significant step towards its implementation. Selwyn Jones has been actively rallying support for this legislation in various states, emphasizing that every individual, regardless of their situation, has the right to receive medical attention when interacting with the police.

In an interview with Spectrum News in Southern California, Selwyn Jones expressed his desire for positive change and stressed the importance of the bill in saving lives. He shared that the passage of this legislation could have brought Tyre Nichols, George Floyd, Eric Garner, and others back to their families, allowing them to be home for Christmas.

Through the Hope929 Foundation and alongside his co-founder, Selwyn Jones, and Harrison, AK councilwoman Liz Darden, continue to work to push for further progress and reforms to create safer and better communities for all children. Despite the pain and loss he experienced, Selwyn Jones has turned his unimaginable tragedy into an opportunity for change, inspiring others to join him in his mission to make lasting improvements in policing and civil rights.

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