Police and Crime Briefs – July 14-23, 2023, Bloomington, Indiana

Woman scammed by people pretending to be FBI – July 13, 203

A 24-year-old woman told police two people called saying they were from the FBI from another state, then they stole the money and her personal information she provided them.

Man assaulted – July 14, 2023

A 32-year-old man was assaulted by a 50-year-old man who punched him in the face and wrestled him to the ground in the 500 block of South College Avenue. The man suffered an abrasion to his elbow and face pain.

Porch pirates steal laptop – July 14, 2023

A 27-year-old man reported that his laptop and VPN drives were stolen when packages were taken from his porch in the 200 block of South Washington.

Bicycle thief arrested by citizen at Ace Pawn – July 14, 2023

A 51-year-old man performed a citizens’ arrest on a person he knew who stole his bike at the Ace Pawnshop in the 500 block of South Walnut. Police reviewed video and placed the 21-year-old suspect under arrest for theft.

Vehicle stolen at White Castle – July 14, 2023

A 31-year-old woman reported her vehicle stolen at the White Castle in the 3200 block of West Jacob Drive. The vehicle contained her keys, cell phones, and clothing.

Car break-in at YMCA – July 14, 2023

A 38-year-old woman reported that someone smashed a window of her vehicle and stole a bag, credit cards, a driver’s license and insurance cards, social security cards for her and two juveniles. Someone then used the cards to make fraudulent purchases. The break in occurred in the 2100 block of South Highland Avenue at the YMCA.

Police chase – July 15, 2023

 A 60-year-old man was arrested after he led police on a pursuit and crashed into a police car in the area of South Henderson and Grimes. The pursuit began when an officer attempted to conduct a traffic stop when the driver failed to stop at a stop sign.

Theft at YMCA – July 18, 2023

 A 19-year-old woman reported that someone stole her tote from a locker while she was working out at the YMCA in the 2100 block of South Highland Avenue. Items stolen in the tote were a purse, cash, keys, sandals, clothing, a debit card, credit card, drivers license, and personal documents.

Squatters – July 19, 2023

Police responded to a report of three unknown people squatting in a vacant apartment at the Village at Muller Parkway in the 500 block of South Muller Parkway. The suspects fled when apartment complex employees approached them. The suspect damaged the apartment by spraying it with a fire extinguisher and ripping a wifi router off a wall. Officers later caught the suspects, and one of them was a 16-year-old juvenile.

Catalytic converters stolen at auto repair shop – July 19, 2023

Thieves stole both the catalytic converters from a vehicle at a tire company in the 2100 block of South Liberty. A vehicle belonging to a 43-year-old woman was damaged as a result.

Bicycle stolen from girl – July 20, 2023

A 38-year-old man reported that an unknown person stole his daughter’s locked bicycle, and sunglasses at Switchyard Park. Police later located a known male who was in possession of the bike and took the bicycle for safekeeping.

Vehicle theft – July 21, 2023

A 46-year-old woman reported that her vehicle was stolen from a car rental parking lot in the 900 block of South Walnut Street, where she parked it, after renting another vehicle.

Robbery on the B-Line – July 22, 2023

A 59-year-old man reported that an unknown male threatened him with bodily harm causing him to flee and leave personal items behind on the B-Line trail in downtown Bloomington. After the man fled, the suspect when through his things near the Hyatt Place Hotel in the 200 block of West Kirkwood Avenue.

Handgun brandished  – July 22, 2023

A man reported that while he was waiting in traffic, another driver came up to his window and brandished a handgun but did not point it at him near West Arlington Road and West 17th Street. Police found the suspect and spoke with him.

Indecent exposure – July 22, 2023

A 27-year-old male was arrested for public nudity after he was seen walking on the B-Line Trail crossing West Third Street while exposing his genitalia.

Items stolen from 77-year-old man at bus station – July 22, 2023

A 77-year-old man reported that a stranger stole his laptop phone and charger from his backpack at the downtown transit center.

Motorcycle stolen – July 23, 2023

Someone pried the ignition off a motorcycle parked in the 400 block of South Dunn, then stole it. The ignition was left behind.

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