Asphalt Scam Alert: Hoosiers Warned of Recent Incidents in Greene County and Bloomington Area

Staff report

Bloomington, Ind. – July 27, 2023

The Greene County Sheriff’s Office and Indiana State Police have issued a warning to residents of Greene County and Bloomington, Indiana, following reports of an asphalt scam in the area, according to the Indiana State Police.

On Wednesday, July 26th, a Bloomfield resident reported a concerning incident to the Greene County Sheriff’s Office. According to the victim’s account, three individuals posing as representatives of an asphalt company approached his residence and engaged in suspicious activities. The suspects were seen driving a white four-door F-150 pickup truck adorned with a distinctive red 4×4 emblem.

During the incident, two of the suspects allegedly diverted the homeowner’s attention, while the third person entered the residence and absconded with valuable items. The specific items taken were not disclosed in the initial report.

Law enforcement officials are urging homeowners to exercise caution and vigilance when dealing with individuals matching the description provided. If approached by anyone in a white F-150 pickup truck with a red 4×4 emblem claiming to represent an asphalt company, residents are advised to be cautious and not engage further. Instead, they are encouraged to immediately contact the Greene County Sheriff’s Office at 812-384-4411 or the Indiana State Police Bloomington Post at 812-332-4411 to report the incident.

As authorities continue their investigation into these incidents, they urge the public to stay informed and share any relevant information that may assist in identifying and apprehending the suspects.

The Greene County Sheriff’s Office and Indiana State Police are working diligently to address these fraudulent activities and protect the residents of the affected communities. By remaining vigilant and promptly reporting any suspicious behavior, residents can help prevent further victimization and aid law enforcement in their efforts to apprehend those responsible.

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