Google Maps driver leads police on 100 mph plus chase in Middletown, Indiana

Photo courtesy of the Middletown Police Department

Staff report

Middletown, Ind. — August 1, 2023

A Google Mapping car led authorities on a high-speed chase through multiple counties reaching speeds over 100 miles per hour before careening into a creek in Madison County, according to the Middletown, Indiana police. Middletown is Northeast of Indianapolis, Indiana.

The driver, identified as Coleman Ferguson, was taken into custody and now faces charges of Resisting Law Enforcement with a vehicle, a Level 6 Felony.

According to Middletown Police Chief Landon J. Dean, who first observed the vehicle in front of Shenandoah High School, the Google car refused to stop, prompting the pursuit that involved local law enforcement agencies and emergency responders.

Mr. Ferguson, an employee of Google, claimed to be scared to stop. Formal criminal charges are set to be filed by the Henry County Prosecutor’s Office. As per legal procedure, Mr. Ferguson is considered innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

Here is the text of the Facebook post about the incident:

On 07/31/2023 at approximately 1700 hours, Chief Landon J. Dean observed a small vehicle passing several other vehicles as it traveled west bound on US 36 in front of Shenandoah High School. Chief Dean was able to determine the speed of the small vehicle at over 100 miles per hour.
As the Vehicle passed by it was identified by Dean as a Google Mapping car with several 360 degree cameras mounted on a tall antenna on top of the car. Dean was able to catch up with the vehicle in the 8500 block of West US 36. The vehicle was still traveling at speeds well over 100 miles per hour and was passing several other vehicles. The Google Vehicle refused to stop.
The vehicle continued for several miles into Madison County. The Google Vehicle slowed down at the intersection of State Road 109 and US 36 due to red light and then continued through the red light.
The Google vehicle attempted to turn south just east of Pendleton Indiana due to a bridge being out. The Google vehicle lost control and drove through a yard and then into a creek where it became stuck.
The driver was escorted out of the vehicle and placed into custody. The driver was identified as Coleman Ferguson by means of a Florida Driver’s License. Mr. Ferguson stated that he worked for Google and was scared to stop.
He was transported to Henry Community Health Hospital in New Castle for medical clearance and then to the Henry County Jail. He was arrested for Resisting Law Enforcement with a vehicle a Level 6 Felony.
Middletown was assisted on the scene by Pendleton Police Department and Madison County Sheriff’s Office. Madison County Fire and EMS units responded to the scene also.
NOTE: Formal Criminal Charges will be filed by the Henry County Prosecutor’s Office. Mr. Ferguson is considered innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.”

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