Paddlers Rescued After Methamphetamine-Fueled River Trip in Southern Indiana, Charges Pending

Courtesy photos – Indiana Department of Natural Resources

Staff report

Washington County, Ind. – August 4, 2023

Two paddlers embarked on a 12-mile Blue River journey on Wednesday morning, after allegedly taking methamphetamine, according to an Indiana Department of Natural Resources Facebook post.

Indiana Conservation Officers (ICOs) launched an extensive search that lasted over 7 hours after concerned relatives reported the paddlers missing that night. The incident culminated with a successful rescue yesterday morning in Harrison County, where the exhausted individuals were found safe.

According to sources, the paddlers set off on their ill-fated expedition from Washington County on an inflatable raft, lacking essential life jackets for safety.

As the hours passed with no word from the paddlers, concerned family members contacted the authorities, prompting ICOs to commence a thorough search along the river’s course.

ICOs discovered the paddlers in Harrison County. It was determined that the paddlers had made their way approximately 9 miles downstream, where they had broken into a camper to seek shelter for the night.

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