Food burglar steals 40 bags of potato chips from Chocolate Moose

Staff report

Bloomington, Ind. – August 9, 2023

A male stole 40 bags of potato chips of different varieties and a display rack from the Chocolate Moose store located at 405 S Walnut Street around 3:41 a.m. on August 7, 2023.

According to official information provided by the authorities, the suspect’s identity remains unknown at this time.

An employee told the Bloomingtonian Wednesday that the 40 bags of chips were of various varieties.

In other news, last week someone broke into a concession stand at Bryan Park pool and stole 360 hot dogs. Both the story about the stolen hot dogs, and the stolen chips, have made the Indianapolis television news:

According to police, the first burglar broke into the concession stand at the pool, but this time, the thief entered through a window and left through the same entrance with the entire rack.

Police aren’t saying if they have any leads on either burglary.

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