Monroe County Airport Welcomes Brent Thompson as New Assistant Airport Director

The following was sent to the Bloomingtonian Tuesday:

Bloomington, IN – September 5, 2023 – The Monroe County
Airport is proud to announce the appointment of Brent
Thompson as its new Assistant Airport Director. Brent, with an
impressive repertoire spanning over two decades in fire service
and an extensive background in aviation, embodies a blend of
professional prowess and community-oriented vision that the
airport believes will significantly enrich its operations.

As a seasoned fire officer at the Bloomington Fire Department,
Brent’s experience has molded him into a paragon of emergency
response. His nuanced understanding of safety protocols, risk
management, and incident command, together with his deep-rooted passion for aviation, make
him an ideal fit for overseeing the critical Aircraft Rescue and Firefighting (ARFF) operations at
the Monroe County Airport. His training background, notably as a Department Training Officer
where he implemented a department-wide program instrumental in achieving an ISO 1 rating,
will ensure that our emergency response standards are not only met but exceeded.

Brent’s avidity for aviation is reflected in his credentials as a private pilot, clocking in over 200
hours of flight annually, primarily cross-country. This hands-on experience lends a unique “end
user” perspective to airport operations, further enhancing the value he brings to his role.

“Brent’s multifaceted expertise, from his time on the front lines of firefighting to his ventures in
the skies, offers a holistic approach to airport management,” remarks Carlos Laverty, Monroe
County Airport Director. “Moreover, his philanthropic endeavors, including the establishment of
the Phoenix Foundation Inc., demonstrate a dedication to community upliftment that aligns
seamlessly with our airport’s values.”

The airport team is confident that under Brent’s guidance, the facility will further its mission to
provide top-notch services to pilots, passengers, and the broader community, all while ensuring
that safety remains paramount.

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