Sibling Cities Bloomington and Palo Alto Announce Joint Town Halls

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Sibling Cities Bloomington and Palo Alto Announce Joint Town Halls
Sibling Cities USA announces first-ever project of this kind

Calls for national unity are increasing in response to today’s national divides and Americans yearn to move past the polarization afflicting our country. Knitting this country back together is essential and Bloomington is part of the solution!

The Cities of Bloomington, IN and Palo Alto, CA are the first Sibling Cities in a national project that opens meaningful dialog between communities in different parts of the country.  As part of the Sibling Cities USA initiative, three town halls are being organized between the communities to discuss “Regional Divides”, “Climate Action”, and “Race & Belonging”. The first will take place on Sunday, September 17 from 4-6pm.

Want to help knit this country back together? Ready to listen with curiosity and empathy? Curious what residents in Palo Alto think about how to get along, climate action, and race and belonging? Want to share your views and build friendship, trust, and respect across the miles?

You are invited to gather in person with fellow Bloomingtonians to engage virtually with a room full of Palo Altans. Co-sponsored by both city governments, library systems, and service organizations, the town halls aim to renew our public square and offer opportunities to discuss tough issues with fellow Americans distant from us.

WHAT: A Town Hall on “Bridging Regional Divides”
WHEN: September 17 (followed by Climate Action, October 8 and Race & Belonging, November 12) – all from 4-6pm

WHERE: Monroe County Public Library – Downtown branch, 303 E. Kirkwood Avenue 

To register to participate, visit

SPONSORSHIP: Would you be interested in sponsoring one or more of these events? 
See information here >

For more information about this initiative, contact Director of Sibling Cities USA, Vicki Veekner ([email protected]) or Bloomington project coordinator, Alain Barker ([email protected]

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