Indiana University Student Suffers Serious Injuries in E-Scooter Collision with Jeep at Woodlawn and 10th Street Intersection Thursday; The collision is recorded on dashcam video

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Bloomington, Indiana – September 14, 2023

An Indiana University student was injured Thursday morning when they rode an e-scooter into the path of a Jeep at the intersection of Woodlawn and 10th Street.

A driver witnessed the collision and caught it on a dash cam. In the video, the scooter’s rider passes a vehicle on the right and then cuts in front of it, but the driver of a Jeep heading in the opposite direction is unable to stop before striking the scooter and the rider. The Jeep collides with the rider, and he hits the windshield, then flies up into the air before landing upside down in the street. As the scooter passed through the intersection the light was turning yellow.

The driver who captured the video of the incident said some bystanders began attending to and praying for the scooter rider who was lying in the street. One the video multiple people begin yelling to call 9-11, while the dazed driver of the jeep exits, and then the video cuts off.

The Bloomingtonian reached out to the IU police department spokesperson, and later IU released the following information, “On Thursday, September 14 at 11:17 a.m., IUPD responded to an accident at the intersection of Woodlawn and 10th Street. An IU student traveling on a scooter was involved in an accident with a vehicle while heading west on 10th Street. The student was transported to the hospital with serious injuries. The investigation is ongoing.”

There were two Indiana University students killed last year on e-scooters because of collisions, but this is the first serious crash leading to injuries of an IU student this year, as far as the Bloomingtonian is aware.

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