Indiana State Police and Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Team Up to Tackle Illegal “Street Take-Overs” and “Spinning” Events

Staff report written from press release

Indianapolis, Indiana – September 26, 2023

In a joint effort to combat the growing trend of illegal “street take-overs” and “spinning” events, the Indiana State Police and the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department (IMPD) recently took action, according to the Indiana State Police. The operation was carried out following information gathered about a planned event on Saturday, September 23, 2023, in Indianapolis. Law enforcement officers strategically coordinated their efforts to address the unlawful gatherings.

Lieutenant Josh Watson of the Indiana State Police Indianapolis District said, “These illegal gatherings are not only dangerous for our communities, they often involve other criminal activities such as theft, drug-related offenses, and the possession of illegal firearms. We remain committed to identifying those responsible for organizing these events and holding accountable those who choose to participate in illegal activities.”

The Indiana State Police said it made significant progress in curbing the unlawful events. The operation led to the arrest of ten individuals, the recovery of three stolen vehicles, the retrieval of two stolen handguns, and the issuance of nearly 50 citations for various violations. The Indiana State Police Aviation Section played a crucial role in some vehicle pursuits and aided in identifying fleeing vehicles.

The Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department also took action against the illegal gatherings, resulting in the arrest of five individuals, the recovery of three illegal firearms, and the issuance of citations for various offenses.

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