Four Squad Cars Damaged During Police Pursuit Before Man Flees into Lake Lemon on Friday the 13th

Staff report

Unionville, Indiana – October 13, 2023

In the early hours of October 13, 2023, Deputies from the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office engaged in a high-speed pursuit with Matthew Fischman, 37, who had active warrants for misdemeanor theft in Monroe County and misdemeanor resisting law enforcement in Marion County.

The incident began at approximately 4:00 AM when Deputies executed a warrant service at 8711 E. Midview Drive, Unionville, IN, targeting Fischman. However, as they arrived in the area, they spotted Fischman inside a vehicle on Southshore Drive. When they attempted to initiate a traffic stop, Fischman refused to comply, sparking a pursuit.

The pursuit led law enforcement officers into Brown County along Southshore Drive before circling back into Monroe County on E. State Road 45. In a planned PIT maneuver to immobilize Fischman’s vehicle, Fischman unexpectedly turned onto Shuffle Creek Road from E. State Road 45, resulting in minor damage to one of the squad cars involved. As he attempted to make a turn onto Southshore Drive from Shuffle Creek Road, Fischman made a wide swing, forcing him to reverse. During this maneuver, he collided with two additional squad cars.

Fischman’s vehicle was ultimately disabled, prompting him to escape through a window and enter Lake Lemon in an attempt to evade capture. Deputies called for the Monroe Fire Protection District’s boat to assist in the water retrieval operation. Simultaneously, they devised a throwing device to aid Fischman, who displayed signs of struggling in the water. Eventually, he was successfully rescued and brought to shore.

Following the incident, Fischman underwent a medical evaluation and was subsequently remanded into the custody of the Monroe County Correctional Center. He now faces multiple charges, including:

  1. Battery By Means of a Deadly Weapon – Level 5 Felony
  2. Two Counts of Resisting Law Enforcement with a Vehicle – Level 5 Felony
  3. Resisting Law Enforcement – Class A Misdemeanor
  4. Driving While Suspended – Class A Misdemeanor
  5. Leaving the Scene of an Accident – Class B Misdemeanor
  6. Reckless Driving – Class C Misdemeanor
  7. Two outstanding warrants from Monroe and Marion County

During the pursuit, an additional squad car sustained damage after colliding with a deer, bringing the total number of damaged vehicles to four. Thankfully, all reported damage was minor, and there were no reported injuries among any of the involved parties.

It’s essential to note that all parties involved are presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

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