The Most Dangerous States for Workers: Indiana Ranks Tenth in Fatal Workplace Injuries; 27-percent above national average

Staff report written from press release

Indianapolis, Indiana – October 17, 2023

A new study has ranked the most dangerous states for workers, revealing that Indiana holds the tenth spot in terms of fatal workplace injuries. The findings come from a comprehensive analysis by Venture Smarter, based on data from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Wyoming tops the list as the state with the deadliest workplaces, with a rate of 10.4 fatal injuries per 100,000 workers. While Indiana reported a lower rate of 5.2, it still stands at 27% above the national average of 4.078.

Despite this, there is some good news for Indiana, as the study shows a 4% decrease in fatal incidents from the previous year, indicating positive progress. Researchers at Venture Smarter stressed the significance of this data in shaping safety measures in workplaces across the nation.

On the opposite end of the scale, Rhode Island takes the crown as the safest state for workers, with just one fatal injury recorded per 100,000 workers. This marks a commendable 9% decrease from the previous year.

The study also revealed the second safest state for employees is Connecticut, with only 1.4 injuries per 100,000 – a notable 22% fewer than the previous year. Meanwhile, Washington ranks third, with a relatively low 2.1 fatalities.

Delaware, however, saw a concerning 65% increase in fatal workplace injuries, emphasizing the need for constant vigilance regarding workplace safety.

A spokesperson from Venture Smarter warned employees to remain vigilant of workplace hazards and urged employers to prioritize safety, emphasizing the importance of providing appropriate workplace training.

These findings shed light on the critical issue of workplace safety across the United States, emphasizing the need for continuous efforts to reduce workplace fatalities and create safer environments for workers.

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