North Section of the B-Line Trail Closed Through Oct. 27

Staff report

Bloomington, Indiana — October 19, 2023

In an effort to enhance the city’s infrastructure, the North Section of the popular B-Line Trail, stretching between Fairview Street and North Rogers Street, has been temporarily closed to the public. This closure is necessitated by ongoing construction work conducted by Duke Energy as part of their Bloomington Reliability Project. The closure is expected to remain in effect until approximately October 27.

The undertaking involves the installation of new power line foundations and poles along the north side of the B-Line Trail.

As a result of the trail closure, pedestrian and bicycle traffic have been temporarily rerouted. Users of the B-Line Trail are advised to follow detour signs guiding them north onto Fairview and Rogers Streets, with the eventual re-entry point onto the B-Line Trail being located at 11th Street.

City officials are working to ensure that this disruption to trail access is as brief as possible. The B-Line Trail is anticipated to be fully reopened to the public on or around October 27, 2023.

For those seeking further information about the Bloomington Reliability Project, detailed updates and project-related materials can be found on the Duke Energy project website.

Additionally, if you have any questions or wish to learn more about other events and projects coordinated by the Parks and Recreation Division, please contact Bloomington Parks and Recreation at 812-349-3700 or via email at [email protected]. Valuable information is also accessible through the Parks Project Update website.

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