IUPD investigates report of sexual assault by contracted janitorial worker

Staff report

Bloomington, Indiana – October 20, 2023

Indiana University Bloomington (IU) issued a crime notice on October 19, 2023, in compliance with the federal Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistics Act, regarding a reported sexual assault that occurred on October 7, 2023.

The reported offense, received by the Indiana University Police Department (IUPD), involves a third-party contracted janitorial services worker who alleged that their supervisor at the contracted company forced them to consume alcohol while on the job and subsequently sexually assaulted them. The victim also reported a separate incident where the same suspect followed them into a restroom at another job site during the same shift and sexually assaulted them.

Neither the victim nor the suspect are employees or students at IU.

As a result of the allegations, immediate action has been taken to terminate the janitorial services contract with the vendor involved, and they are no longer permitted to provide any services at or to IU.

The alleged crimes detailed in the notice are actively under investigation. Authorities encourage anyone with information related to this crime or any other criminal activity to contact the IU Police Department – Bloomington at 812-855-4111. An additional option for reporting information is Crime Stoppers at 1-317-262-TIPS (8477). Information on reporting sexual misconduct at IU can also be found at stopsexualviolence.iu.edu/report/index.html.

The initial incident occurred at an unknown residence hall dining hall at approximately 12:30 a.m., while the second incident took place in a restroom within the Indiana Memorial Union at approximately 1:30 a.m. It should be noted that both locations were closed to the public at the time of the incidents.

The suspect in the case is known to IUPD, described as a 31-year-old white male with brown hair and blue eyes, standing at 6’1” and weighing 175 lbs. The suspect has been issued a trespass order from all IU property, prohibiting them from entering any IU premises for any reason.

It is emphasized that racial descriptors alone should not be used to profile or cast suspicion on an individual. Such descriptors should only be considered as part of the totality of circumstances if they may reasonably assist in the identification of the perpetrators.

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