Events: Race & Belonging and Climate Action are the Focus at Upcoming Town Hall Meetings

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BLOOMINGTON, IN — Sibling Cities USA is gearing up for a pair of town hall meetings that aim to foster dialogue and unity between the communities of Bloomington and Palo Alto, California. The events come on the heels of a joint town hall addressing “Regional Divides” and are set to delve into critical topics of “Race & Belonging” and “Climate Action.”

The first-ever joint town hall between the residents of Bloomington and Palo Alto, which discussed “Regional Divides,” prompted the organizers to announce the forthcoming conversations. These events will provide a platform for residents of both cities to engage in open dialogues, themed discussions, and short keynote statements.

Both town hall meetings will be hosted as in-person gatherings for the respective communities, with the added feature of simultaneous video connections to bridge the geographical gap.


Race and Belonging – November 12, 4-6pm ET Location: Monroe County Public Library, Room 1B/C, 303 E Kirkwood, Bloomington

Climate Action – NEW DATE: December 3, 4-6pm ET Location: Monroe County Public Library, Room 2B/C, 303 E Kirkwood, Bloomington

Residents who wish to participate in these conversations can register for the events at

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