New Study Reveals Indiana’s Low Spending on Veteran Support Services Ahead of National Veterans Day

Staff report written from press release

Indianapolis, Indiana – November 2, 2023

As the United States prepares to honor its veterans on Veterans Day, a new study has shed light on Indiana’s position as one of the top ten states with the lowest state expenditure on veteran support services. With Google searches for the “2023 Veterans Day Parade” spiking by 1,900% in the past 90 days, it’s evident that people are gearing up to celebrate and support veterans.

However, a study, conducted by medical marijuana card experts at Leafwell, analyzed state expenditure on veteran medical care, rehabilitation, and education and found Indiana among the ten worst states, ranking eighth from the bottom.

Mental health challenges among U.S. veterans are a significant concern, with one in three veterans (33%) diagnosed with at least one mental health disorder, according to data from the United States Government’s National Library of Medicine.

To assess the level of support available to veterans across states, the study examined data from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs on total state expenditure for veteran care, veteran medical care, education, and vocational rehabilitation/employment.

Indiana’s performance in the study indicated spending per 100,000 residents amounting to just $61,907, a staggering 28% lower than the national average of $86,310.

In stark contrast, Alaska emerged as the best state for veteran expenditure, with a total state expenditure on veteran care per 100,000 residents reaching $131,819 – a remarkable 53% more than the national average.

West Virginia secured second place in the rankings, boasting the highest total state expenditure at $179,961 per 100,000 residents – a significant 109% above the national average. Wyoming followed closely in third place, with the highest spending on veteran medical care.

Hawaii and Virginia also featured among the top five states for veteran state expenditure, thanks to their investments in education and vocational rehabilitation.

On the other hand, despite its substantial veteran population, Texas ranked 22nd for veteran state expenditure, indicating relatively lower spending when adjusted for its larger population.

New Jersey was identified as the worst state for veteran spending, with the lowest state spending for both medical care and total expenditure for veteran care, significantly falling below the national average.

As Veterans Day approaches, the study’s findings highlight the need for increased support and resources for veterans, particularly in states with low spending on veteran support services.

The study collected data from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs and the United States Government’s National Library of Medicine.

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