City of Bloomington, Indiana, Launches Pilot E-Bike Voucher Program with Incentives Up to $1,000

Staff report written from press release:

Bloomington, Indiana – November 10, 2023

In a move to enhance sustainable transportation options, the Department of Economic and Sustainable Development in Bloomington announces the launch of a pilot E-Bike Voucher Program. The program aims to encourage residents to embrace electric bikes and aligns with the City’s commitment to micro-mobility and environmental sustainability.

McKaylyn Lynch, the Sustainability Program Coordinator in the Department of Economic and Sustainable Development, highlighted the initiative’s significance. “This program is a key component of our efforts to reduce on-road vehicle miles traveled and promote sustainable transportation alternatives in Bloomington,” Lynch stated.

The E-Bike Voucher Program is designed to incentivize residents to register for the City’s Go Bloomington and Zero In Bloomington platforms. This initiative not only supports the City’s Climate Action Plan but also aligns with the Transportation Demand Management Plan. The primary goal is to reduce reliance on single-occupancy vehicles and decrease on-road vehicle miles traveled by 8% of 2018 values, as outlined in the Climate Action Plan.

The program offers point-of-purchase vouchers of $500 for all residents who meet the eligibility criteria. Additionally, low-income residents providing proof of income may qualify for increased vouchers of up to $1,000. Bloomington has partnered with local bike shops, Bicycle Garage, and Revolution Bike and Bean, to facilitate the distribution of vouchers at the point of purchase. These shops will also ensure the availability of qualifying e-bikes or electric cargo bikes.

Apart from reducing greenhouse gas emissions, the E-Bike Voucher Program promises various resident-based co-benefits, including improved quality of life, increased transportation equity, enhanced physical activity, diversification of the cycling community, reduced traffic congestion, and a decrease in the number of vehicle accidents.

This announcement follows the recent installation of over 50 parking corrals, emphasizing the City’s commitment to fostering micro-mobility and pedestrian safety. As a gold-level bicycle-friendly community, Bloomington continues its dedication to creating safe and affordable spaces for people to embrace low-carbon micro-mobility alternatives.

Residents interested in the program can find more information and apply at or direct any questions or concerns to [email protected].

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