Police and Crime Briefs – November 17, 2023

Staff report written from daily police summary

Bloomington, Indiana – November 20, 2023

Police in Bloomington, Indiana responded to a series of incidents involving various offenses over the course of November 17, 2023.

One incident involved an alleged personal injury accident that occurred at the intersection of S Jefferson St and E 3rd St at approximately 5:48 p.m. on November 16. According to the police report, a collision occurred involving a cyclist and a person identified and the driver of a vehicle. Further details regarding the nature of the injuries sustained were not disclosed.

Another reported case indicated a fraudulent use of a credit card or ATM at Crawford Apartments 2, located at 2446 S Henderson St. a woman, 49, alleged that an individual she allowed into her residence misused her EBT card for unauthorized purchases, resulting in multiple fraudulent charges. The suspect allegedly failed to return the card after the transactions.

In a separate incident, officers responded to a report of suspicious activity near N Rogers St & B-Line Trail at 1:37 a.m. on November 17. Authorities encountered a male who attempted to evade police despite receiving repeated commands to halt. A 16-year-old male was eventually located with the assistance of another law enforcement agency and was subsequently transported home. The juvenile faces charges related to resisting law enforcement.

At 8:21 a.m. on the same day, officers were dispatched to 1500 block N Telluride St following a report of an unknown female unlawfully present inside a residence. A female, 18, was arrested for residential entry, with a male, 26, reporting stolen items including clothing, an Xbox, a laptop, phone chargers, and a pedalboard charger. Some of the stolen items were later recovered.

Other incidents reported included vandalism to a vehicle (someone drilled a hole in the gas tank) parked at Fairfield Inn Bloomington, theft of vehicle parts and accessories (stolen license plates) from the United States Army Recruiting Office located at 115 S State Road 46, and alleged embezzlement reported at Eagles Lodge involving an employee accused of siphoning profits from gambling ticket boards over a five-month period.

Furthermore, reports of trespassing at 800 block W Gourley Pike and property damage at Pizza X West, situated at 1610 W 3rd St, were also addressed by law enforcement. Additionally, an incident involving public nudity and resisting law enforcement in the vicinity of 100 block W Kirkwood Ave led to the arrest of a female, 28, who also had an outstanding warrant. She was seen running in the street without any clothing on.

The day’s events culminated with a reported aggravated assault at Kinser Flats; a known individual allegedly struck a male, 79, with a baseball bat, resulting in lacerations above each eye. A male, 50, was arrested for aggravated battery in connection with the incident.

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