Car catches fire on Thanksgiving after striking deer on Interstate 69 South of Bloomington, Indiana

Staff report

Bloomington, Indiana – November 23, 2023

A vehicle ignited in flames after colliding with a deer on Interstate 69, south of Bloomington, just before the Indiana 45 exit. Troy Donovan, who aided the vehicle’s occupants, reported the incident.

According to Donovan, the couple mentioned they had recently acquired the vehicle following an accident where a teenager ran a red light totaling their previous car. Fortunately, the man, a woman, and their dog emerged unharmed from the collision, although the deer they struck did not survive.

The fire illuminated the evening sky shortly after sunset on Thanksgiving, Thursday, November 23, 2023.

Donovan stated that after bystanders assisted the couple in moving away from the vehicle, it began to explode shortly after due to the fire.

Donovan shared several video clips of the fire scene captured on his cell phone.

Around 6:08 p.m., firefighters from the Monroe Fire Protection District provided support to Green County firefighters with a vehicle fire, according to radio dispatches.

Center-Jackson Fire Territory posted the following about, and 2 photos of the incident:

“Eastern Greene Fire Territory was dispatched on this Thanksgiving day for a vehicle fire on Interstate 69 at the SR 45 exit. Upon arrival, Command 2 advised of a working vehicle fire and directed Engine 21 to advance down the exit ramp. Chief Inman advised that the fire was the result of a car vs deer accident, but there were no serious injuries involved. An ambulance was requested to attend to the family. Assisting at the scene was Monroe Fire Protection District, Greene County Ambulance Service E-1, and Greene County Sheriff office.”

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