AFC South Standings Update: Indianapolis Colts’ NFL Football Playoff Aspirations and Remaining Schedule Analysis

Staff report

Indianapolis, Indiana – November 27, 2023

In the midst of the NFL season’s 12th week, the AFC South division race intensifies as the Indianapolis Colts hold steady at a 6-5 record, securing the seventh seed in the AFC playoff race.

Despite being swept by the division-leading Jacksonville Jaguars, the Colts remain firmly in contention for their first AFC South title since 2014. Currently positioned second in the division, they’ve edged past the Houston Texans, sharing an identical 6-5 record. However, the Colts hold the advantage due to a Week 2 victory over the Texans, granting them the upper hand in head-to-head matchups.

Looking ahead, the Colts have a crucial showdown against the Texans in Week 18, a game that could significantly impact their playoff aspirations. This impending clash could tip the scales in determining the postseason fate of both teams.

As of November 27, the AFC South standings illustrate a competitive landscape:

TeamRecordDivision Record
Jacksonville Jaguars8-34-1
Indianapolis Colts6-52-2
Houston Texans6-51-2
Tennessee Titans4-70-2

The Colts’ upcoming Week 13 fixture involves a faceoff against the struggling Tennessee Titans, a team they defeated earlier in the season with a 23-16 victory in Week 5.

Examining the remainder of their schedule, the Colts’ path to the playoffs looks challenging yet promising:

  • Week 14: at Cincinnati Bengals (5-6)
  • Week 15: vs. Pittsburgh Steelers (7-4)
  • Week 16: at Atlanta Falcons (5-6)
  • Week 17: vs. Las Vegas Raiders (5-7)
  • Week 18: vs. Houston Texans (6-5)

Meanwhile, the Titans, with a 4-7 record, face an uphill battle but aim to upset their divisional rivals:

  • Week 14: at Miami Dolphins (8-3)
  • Week 15: vs. Houston Texans (6-5)
  • Week 16: vs. Seattle Seahawks (6-5)
  • Week 17: at Houston Texans (6-5)
  • Week 18: vs. Jacksonville Jaguars (8-3)

The Jacksonville Jaguars, sitting atop the division, brace themselves for a challenging run to maintain their lead:

  • Week 14: at Cleveland Browns (7-4)
  • Week 15: vs. Baltimore Ravens (9-3)
  • Week 16: at Tampa Bay Buccaneers (4-7)
  • Week 17: vs. Carolina Panthers (1-10)
  • Week 18: at Tennessee Titans (4-7)

Simultaneously, the Houston Texans, who share the same 6-5 record as the Colts, set sights on crucial matchups:

  • Week 14: at New York Jets (4-7)
  • Week 15: at Tennessee Titans (4-7)
  • Week 16: vs. Cleveland Browns (7-4)
  • Week 17: vs. Tennessee Titans (4-7)
  • Week 18: at Indianapolis Colts (6-5)

As the regular season unfolds, the AFC South promises thrilling contests and playoff implications, notably featuring pivotal clashes for the Colts as they vie for divisional supremacy and a coveted playoff berth.

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