Bloomington Weather Forecast from Monday through Sunday; Frigid temps, but no snow predicted

Bloomington, Indiana – November 27, 2023

Residents of Bloomington, Indiana, can expect a variety of weather patterns over the upcoming days, ranging from clear skies to potential rainfall, as outlined by the National Weather Service forecasts.

This afternoon promises mostly sunny conditions with a high near 36 degrees Fahrenheit. A brisk west wind at 14 to 16 mph, accompanied by gusts reaching up to 25 mph, may add an extra nip to the air.

As night falls, the skies are anticipated to remain mostly clear, offering a chilly low around 18 degrees. The west wind will persist at a slightly slower pace of 10 to 13 mph, gusting up to 21 mph.

Tuesday brings forth a continuation of the clear weather, with sunny skies forecasted and a high near 31 degrees. The west-northwest wind is expected to blow at a speed of 9 to 11 mph, occasionally gusting as high as 18 mph.

Moving into Tuesday night, Bloomington inhabitants can anticipate mostly clear conditions, maintaining a low around 21 degrees. A shift in wind direction to the south-southwest at 6 to 13 mph, with gusts up to 18 mph, might bring a subtle change in the atmosphere.

Wednesday offers a return to sunshine, marking a high near 47 degrees. The west-southwest wind could pick up pace, ranging from 13 to 16 mph, with gusts as high as 25 mph, potentially influencing the day’s ambiance.

By Wednesday night, the skies may turn partly cloudy, with temperatures dropping to a low around 31 degrees. The southwest wind is forecasted to linger at a moderate 8 to 10 mph.

Thursday’s weather prediction indicates a 40 percent chance of rain after 1 pm, alongside partly sunny skies and a high near 52 degrees. A south wind at 10 to 17 mph, accompanied by gusts reaching up to 25 mph, might bring a shift in the atmospheric conditions.

Thursday night could witness an increase in precipitation, with rain expected and a low around 41 degrees. The south wind will persist at a speed of 15 to 17 mph, gusting as high as 25 mph. The likelihood of precipitation stands at 90%.

Heading into Friday, the area might experience rain, predominantly before 1 pm, with temperatures reaching a high near 50 degrees. The south wind is anticipated to shift to the northwest, blowing around 14 mph, potentially gusting up to 22 mph. The chance of precipitation is estimated at 80%.

As the weekend approaches, Friday night might bring a slight 20 percent chance of rain before 1 am, leading to mostly cloudy skies and a low around 32 degrees. A north-northeast wind at 7 to 11 mph might subtly influence the weather conditions.

Saturday and Saturday night could see intermittent cloud cover with a 30 percent chance of rain, accompanied by temperatures ranging from a high near 46 degrees to a low around 38 degrees.

Sunday might continue the trend of mostly cloudy skies with a 40 percent chance of rain, with temperatures peaking near 55 degrees, offering a mixed bag of weather conditions for Bloomington.

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