President Biden Commends Extension of Humanitarian Pause in Gaza During Israel/Hamas War

Staff report

Washington – November 27, 2023

In an urgent statement released today, President Joe Biden hailed the continuation of the humanitarian ceasefire in Gaza as a pivotal achievement in ongoing efforts toward peace in the region. This extension, negotiated through extensive U.S. mediation and diplomatic channels, has facilitated the release of over 50 hostages, including young children, mothers, and grandmothers.

Among those liberated from captivity was a four-year-old American girl named Abigail, who endured traumatic circumstances after being taken hostage by Hamas terrorists following the tragic loss of her parents on October 7th, according to the White House. President Biden expressed direct communication with Abigail’s family, emphasizing a commitment to work closely with Israeli partners to ensure the necessary care and support for her recovery from the ordeal.

The temporary pause in hostilities has not only led to the release of hostages but has also allowed for a substantial surge in humanitarian aid to reach innocent civilians suffering across the Gaza Strip. President Biden highlighted the United States’ leadership role in enhancing this relief effort, building upon years of dedicated support as the primary provider of humanitarian assistance for the Palestinian people.

“We are seizing the opportunity presented by this ceasefire to ramp up the delivery of vital humanitarian aid to Gaza. Our goal remains steadfast: to forge a future of peace and dignity for the Palestinian population,” President Biden asserted in his statement.

The President expressed gratitude to Prime Minister Netanyahu of Israel, Amir Sheikh Tamim Bin Hamad Al-Thani of Qatar, and President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi of Egypt for their unwavering commitment to the negotiation process, securing an extension of the ceasefire for the next 48 hours. President Biden reiterated a resolute stance, emphasizing efforts to ensure the release of all hostages held by Hamas terrorists.

The continuation of this ceasefire signifies a critical step toward stabilizing the region and fostering a more secure future, with the United States remaining dedicated to furthering peaceful solutions in Gaza.

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