Coroner confirms 1 dead following Bloomington shooting Sunday

Staff report 

Bloomington, Indiana – December 3, 2023 

Monroe County coroner Joani Stalcup has confirmed the death of an individual following a shooting in Bloomington, Indiana, early Sunday morning. The incident occurred at approximately 2:00 a.m. in the 500 block of Park Ave, Bloomington, Indiana. 

Stalcup verified the fatality, stating, “I can confirm one person is dead from a shooting that occurred here in Bloomington in the early morning hours.” However, the coroner will release the identity of the deceased, pending the completion of necessary notifications to the family.

Authorities responded to the scene promptly after reports of the shooting emerged. Details regarding the circumstances leading to the shooting remain undisclosed at this time.

Members of the Bloomington Police Department were still investigating at the scene Sunday morning. 

BLOOMINGTON, INDIANA – DECEMBER 3: Investigators from the Bloomington Police Department search for evidence at the site of a shooting that took place on South Park Avenue on December 3, 2023 in Bloomington, Indiana. (Photo by Jeremy Hogan/The Bloomingtonian)

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