Long-Awaited Hoosier Classic “Forest” by Wick Released by Ameliorate Records

Indianapolis, Indiana

Ameliorate Records unveiled the much-anticipated album “Forest” by Wick on December 1, 2023, marking the fruition of a true Hoosier classic that has been years in the making.

Lead singer and songwriter John Wick crafted the 10 songs originally in 2002 while residing in the Forest dormitory at Indiana University in Bloomington. Fast forward to 2022, Wick reunited with his longtime musical companion Andrew Gustin to embark on a proper recording journey for these tracks. Gustin, astonished by the raw potential exhibited in the dorm room demos, delved into learning the songs and devised new arrangements, thereby giving birth to the band Wick.

Central to Wick’s ethos was the inclusion of family and close friends in the band. The album features John sharing co-lead vocals with his sister Katie Jones. Additionally, two tracks showcase the background vocals of their elder brother Ian Wick, while another sibling, Dan Wick, exhibits his guitar prowess on a song. Completing the ensemble are drummer Dan Johnson and bassist Eric Brock, echoing the harmonious upbringing of the Wick family.

The album underwent meticulous production and recording helmed by Andrew Gustin, with mixing and mastering conducted by Tyler Watkins, known for his work with Margot & The Nuclear So And So’s, at Postal Recording in Indianapolis, Indiana. Prior to the album’s launch, two singles, ‘Angel Baby’ and ‘On a Thursday,’ gained traction and found airplay on 92.3 WTTS, featured on the esteemed show of music journalist David Lindquist.

To celebrate the album’s release, Ameliorate Records prepared a limited edition of 250 vinyl copies. An all-ages album release show was held on December 2, 2023, at The Church Within in Indianapolis, Indiana.

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