Man Tossed From Truck Doing Donuts; Injured, Saturday in Bloomington, Indiana

BLOOMINGTON, INDIANA – DECEMBER 9: A person filming with a cell phone makes a middle finger gesture as a large group of trucks gathered are cleared from the parking of At Home on December 9, 2023 in Bloomington, Indiana. Police eventually cleared the truckers from the lot after someone complained. (Photo by Jeremy Hogan/The Bloomingtonian)

A 20-year-old man was injured when he fell out of a truck while its driver, an 18-year-old man, was doing donuts in the parking lot of Ivy Tech Community College, Saturday night, according to the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office. The driver was arrested on preliminary charges of criminal recklessness, a level 6 felony.

The men were in Bloomington as part of the Hoosier Showdown truck meet, which brought hundreds of trucks, many of them modified into the city, where police and the MCSO, were dispatched over and over as they filled parking lots on private property. An short time later, at least five police cars were clearing the lot at the At Home business on West Third Street after a property representative said they wanted the unsanctioned event cleared from the lot.

According to an online post, the event was the 1 year anniversary of a similar event that took place a year ago.

Here is the full text of a press release from the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office:

“On 12/09/2023 at approximately 9:30 PM, Monroe County Sheriff Deputies were made aware that an
individual, Colin Vasil, age 20, fell from the bed of a pickup truck, resulting in injury.

Monroe County Central Emergency Dispatch originally received a phone call to the address of 200 N
Daniels Way, Ivy Tech Community College, in reference to large trucks conducting donuts and creating
excess noise.  In the same call, they received information that a subject had fell out of a truck.
Deputies responded, locating both the driver of the pickup truck and the injured party.  During the
investigation it was reported that the driver, Joseph Mattes, age 18, began doing donuts in the parking lot when Colin climbed into the bed of the pickup.  It was determined that even though the vehicle was in motion, there was no collision, and it is believed that centrifugal force is what caused him to be ejected from the rear of the pickup.

Consequently, Colin collided with the asphalt while losing consciousness and obtaining lacerations to
his face.  Witnesses on scene were preparing to start CPR before he regained consciousness. 
The driver, Joseph Mattes was remanded to the Monroe County Jail on the following charge: Criminal
Recklessness as a Level 6 Felony.”

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