Follow the Art: The Creative Journey of Tom Woodruff Unveils an Inspirational Documentary

Bloomington, Indiana – The story of Tom Woodruff, an artist whose life unfolded as a vibrant canvas of creativity, is soon to be showcased in the independent film, “Follow the Art: The Creative Journey of Tom Woodruff.”

Lydia Keen Woodruff, on behalf of this enriching film project, sheds light on the odyssey of her father, Tom Woodruff, a multifaceted artist whose legacy spans from his days as a street artist in Key West to his roles as a sailor, shrimper, merchant seaman, stained glass artist, muralist, and a dedicated teaching artist for over 35 years. His passion for art and adventure found expression through engaging storytelling and interactive art projects, leaving an indelible mark on countless students across Michigan schools.

“This film aims to highlight not just my father’s artistic journey but also the profound significance of art in education,” stated Lydia Keen Woodruff.

Scheduled to visit Bloomington, Indiana from January 26-27, 2024, the “Follow the Art” project is a testament to Tom Woodruff’s unwavering dedication despite health challenges in recent years. The film promises an exploration of his life’s chapters, weaving a narrative that intertwines creativity, resilience, and the transformative power of art.

The documentary’s scope extends beyond a mere recounting of Tom Woodruff’s life. It embarks on a father-daughter road trip across the country, documenting interviews with family, friends, and mentors while conducting draw-along art programs at various locations. These programs cover diverse themes such as “Ships through the Ages,” “Pirate Days,” “Shrimpin’ in Thunderbolt, GA & Key West,” among others, offering engaging workshops that inspire and educate.

Lydia Keen Woodruff expressed enthusiasm for collaborative opportunities, inviting arts organizations, libraries, galleries, and schools to host their donation-based drawing programs and film presentations. The project also encourages support through its GoFundMe campaign aimed at fostering the appreciation of art in education.

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Join the journey and support the “Follow the Art: The Creative Journey of Tom Woodruff” project in celebrating the enduring legacy of an artist whose life has been a testament to the transformative power of art.

About Follow the Art: The Creative Journey of Tom Woodruff

“Follow the Art: The Creative Journey of Tom Woodruff” is an upcoming independent documentary chronicling the life and artistic legacy of Tom Woodruff, showcasing the importance of art in education and celebrating the transformative power of creativity. Through a father-daughter road trip across the country, this project aims to inspire and educate while honoring an artist’s enduring legacy.

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