Bloomington Man Jerry “Jerald” Sipes Missing for Over 30 Days

Staff report

Bloomington, Indiana – December 17, 2023

A man in his mid-40s disappeared last month in Bloomington, Indiana, as reported by a friend who reached out to the Bloomingtonian this past week.

Jerry “Jerald” Sipes, a resident of Bloomington, was officially reported missing on November 10, 2023.

The Bloomington Police confirmed Sipes’ disappearance, stating that the case is active but withheld further details from the public.

Inez Marie, a friend who contacted the Bloomingtonian, mentioned that Sipes went out to smoke a cigarette on November 5, 2023, and hasn’t been seen since. She expressed concerns about his safety due to a health condition that might require medical attention.

Sipes has now been missing for over 30 days. Marie noted that Sipes had maintained sobriety for more than 2 months.

Marie expressed her bewilderment, stating, “I just can’t comprehend how a grown man exits a door and then simply disappears without a trace for over a month.”

Despite usually conversing with Sipes daily, Marie hasn’t heard from him in more than a month.

Anyone with information regarding Sipes’ whereabouts should contact the Bloomington Police Department at 812-339-4477.

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