Concerns as U.S. Steel Acquisition by Nippon Steel Sparks Debate Over Future Operations and Community Impact

The following press release was sent to the Bloomingtonian Tuesday:


INDIANAPOLIS- On Monday, Dec. 18, U.S. Steel agreed to be acquired by Nippon Steel Corporation (NSC) for roughly $14.9 billion. The deal was struck several months after U.S. Steel rejected an offer from another US based steel company Cleveland Cliffs, which owns two other facilities in Northwest Indiana. 

State Rep. Carolyn Jackson (D-Hammond) issued the following statement regarding the acquisition:

 “I was not surprised to hear of the possible sale of U.S. Steel. I knew U.S. Steel had received an offer earlier this year from Cleveland Cliffs, a company located in the United States. However, I was surprised and disappointed that another one of our corporations would be sold to a buyer overseas.

 “Nippon Steel is a Japanese-based company, and many employees and union members are unhappy about the sale and worried that Nippon will continue to operate as U.S. Steel has in the last few years by closing plants in the Great Lakes area, such as in Granite City, Detroit and East Chicago. Other locations have idled their tin mill. The closing and idling of plants is not in the best interest of U.S. Steel’s many employees. Until Nippon has had some discussions with union representatives, workers will be very apprehensive of their intentions for the company.

“Now that the acquisition is finalized, I hope Nippon Steel Corporation is willing to be a good neighbor here in Hammond and prioritize the well-being of our residents and environment. Nippon is about to find out just how much of a manufacturing powerhouse Northwest Indiana is. Our dedicated workforce is a point of pride in the region, and I hope that Nippon recognizes that value and treats employees accordingly.”


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